About us

Welcome to Rama Plastic,

In Plastic Rama, we put our customers first.

Since it was founded in1998, Plastic Rama has strived to provide high quality plastic bags and films for wide ranges of applications. For the last 20 years, we are manufacturing plastic following international codes and standards.

Through our exceptional customer service and excellence at our operations, we offer the best products while ensuring customer satisfaction. We prioritize respect and integrity. We are always committed to these values when producing, delivering and following up.

Protecting the earth and caring about future generations is also a core value for us. We provide environmentally friendly solutions including the 100% biodegradable bags. We also recycle energy by using generators heat to warm water and use it in our production. Our plan includes a target of zero solid waste production by the end of 2019.

Plastic Rama vision is to build a company that excels in providing innovative plastic solutions. Our purpose is the success of our customers, our community and our people.



Fahed Monzer

We success because of our mission statement which t include


  • We follow international codes for manufacturing our products.
  • We carefully planned and executed all our physical and commercial growth.
  • Our mission does not complete after completing the delivery it continue until we make sure the client satisfaction.
  • We try to give value for our client money which make customers enjoy doing business with us
  • We try to develop partnership with our clients and suppliers
  • We guarantee all of our plastic bag and polyethylene rolls and all our products against manufacturer error and defect.